Monday, August 9, 2010

C'est La Vie (this is life)

these 8 months just whizzed past and school is about to start tml. been looking forward to this fresh start and geez, it certainly came quick!

new friends. new relationships. new ties. new chapter of life. here we go again!

Friday, June 25, 2010


it is not who you are but what you do which defines you. choosing to do something is the onus of the individual. the multitude of choices one face everyday might be nerve wracking too.

climbing full time again in uni might be a tough one for me, at least. think not, do not, fear not, become not. you shape your own destiny

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

lost within the comfort zone

ok so its been a month since i stopped work and i think its a pretty good thing too, though there is no income and the days can drag on whilst looking for something to occupy your time.

Its May already~! with pumpfest beckoning, i start to feel slightly jittery about reliving the competitive spirit - how i would fare this time and all. But i dont have much expectations to be frank, this time is merely a gauge for myself, whether i should pursue it once again during my uni days. On a more sombre note, i actually regret not training regularly while i was still serving ns, the time which i had spent on other purposes on my off days could actually be put to good use on the rock wall.

To be honest, i believe that it is during this long transition period or break that we should pick up new, useful skills or invest the time in some other meaningful experience. There will be no more such long break till graduation and try as i might, there is absolutely no way to make up for lost time. and so it seems that after graduation all efforts would be centred around the workforce.

Lingering regret.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Climb On!

Climbing is not easy! If climbing were that easy, it would be called football, no? LOL

I must say that it is always fascinating to behold the sight of competitions, especially when ure passion for the sport makes u feel like ure the climber on the wall!

looking @ the routes, the tension before competition starts, the anxiety of the climbers, the grace exuded when climbing, audience following the climber's each and everymove intensely and the loud 'AH~!!' when he/she makes a slip, not forgetting the resounding 'YEA~!!!' when he/she finishes a difficult route.

2 years on since graduation from TJ climbing club, i have to agree that 'absence makes the heart fonder', and that climbing has become a part of my life. Though people move on to other social circles and reasons of that ilk, it would still be great for us ex tj climbers to just CLIMB ON!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolutions TWENTY-TEN!

What does 20 years of life mean actually? 'does one really get wiser as he gets older' and a similar bunch of such questions form stumbling enigmas in my head.

Nevertheless, i would say that it is always a good time to reflect on the past for the betterment of the future. The strength of our resolves is put to the test as we confront this new year of challenges.

Hack away at all doubts, and live glorious!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The ALL consuming JOB

Just got a job at IDA the last week. 830-6 mon to thur, 830-530 fri.

$8/hr, 1.5x OT
Getting paid on weekday pub hols while enjoying the off
weekend off
2 days paid leave
medical benefits

these are some of the perks that accompanied the job
btw im doing a 4 mth contract till end march

i had to try out wad a regular job was like. The UPSIDE ===> kill time, make money, meet new people. The DOWNSIDE ==> burn your time away, pretty much fatigued on weekdays to do anything else e.g. exercise.

im still figuring whether to stick with MECH eng or not.


Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ok so here's my situation.

1. Its time for decision making regarding the confirmation of my uni course(mech eng)

2. Finding Job Time!

3. Ippt window opening soon?

Lots if thoughtful consideration have been given to 1 and 2, lazy to type